The China in the Mediterranean sea

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    Opportunities and risks for the transport, logistics and infrastructures system



    China is very close, indeed it is here. The Dragon in the Mediterranean: new opportunities and scenarios for the Italian economy, this is the theme of “China Change, China Chance”, the event to be held in Fiera Milano on November 28th (Stella Polare Congress Center, Sala Martini, hours 10.00), which with an innovative approach will bring out lights and shadows of a new business scenario.

    Organized by Transpotec Logitec Lab – content lab that ideally brings together the training events linked to the event – and realized with the technical-scientific support of Passion4Mobility, “China Change, China Chance” is a meeting point for the transport community, logistics and infrastructure on the route to Transpotec 2019.



    A day of study, but also an “experience” to get into a different cultural reality. An original format will allow you to revisit a country in continuous and rapid transformation. China has long been no longer a low-cost contract manufacturer, nor an uncritical purchaser of Made in Italy, but a geopolitical player across the board who has chosen the Mediterranean as a theater to implement its commercial strategies. and in transport and logistics infrastructures.

    The event therefore aims to provide operators in the national logistics and transport sector with a 360-degree vision of the current context, opportunities and growth strategies. A reading without preconceptions and innovative of the Italy-China relationship, supported by the analysis of the market, but also by a careful interpretation of the scenario and the Chinese entrepreneurial mentality.

    The event will show a photograph and an analysis of Chinese moves in the Mediterranean and the Near East, from a logistical and infrastructural point of view, and then restrict the field to our country. The objective is to seize Italy’s place in the commercial strategy of the Asian giant from an active point of view, that is, in the perspective of the ambition that our Country System has for some time affirms, of wanting to be the logistic hub of the Mediterranean and the cheaper access route to the markets of Central and Northern Europe.

    The China Change agenda, China Chance includes interventions by Italian and Chinese, institutional and associative protagonists, engaged in dialogue and confrontation between the two countries, scholars and experts in logistics and geopolitics, exponents of Chinese economic realities operating in Italy and Italy with a continuous relationship with that market. The interventions, both frontal and in talkshow mode, will be included in a scenario based on windows open to the Chinese world and culture, able to provide an unconventional but revealing framework.

    So, while waiting for Transpotec Logitec 2019, scheduled from 21st to 24th February in Verona, Milan welcomes the logistics and road transport sector. Upgrading and training around the most important challenges for the sector will be back as protagonists during the February event, thanks to a rich calendar of conferences that will offer operators numerous opportunities to grow and encourage the development of strategic sectors for the whole Country.

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